Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Why Can't I Look the Way I Want" Officially Launched

Yesterday I celebrated the launch of my third book 'Why Can't I Look the Way I Want; Overcoming Eating Issues'. The book was launched by Jacinta Tynan at Sydney Girls High, and a panel of speakers included Tara Moss, Rachael Oakes-Ash and Chris Gibson who each provided insights related to their own experiences with body image. It was a wonderful and inspirational event.

My hope is that the book will bring healing to those suffering, and help those who love someone, by providing a degree of crystal ball, in terms of what to do about where you are at with your eating issue, how recovery is possible, and how to create a wonderful and fulfilling life that is true to your heart, beyond recovery.

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  1. It was such a blessing to spend your special day with you. Congrats on book 3 and I'm looking forward to book 4!

  2. A crash course in genetics might answer this question...

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