Monday, July 27, 2009

'Mirrors' Artwork Submissions Invited

Mirrors Art Exhibition is an annual event founded by fashion entrepreneur Rhiannon Bulley. It aims to raise awareness of eating disorders through the display of abstract and contemporary pieces, and is currently seeking submissions.

"The aim is to
show that the reflection of a mirror is not always one of clarity," says Ms Bulley.

The idea is that a mirror can be blurred or altered by outside motives and the objective is to provide clarity that beauty is not an image but a feeling.

The theme 'Mirrors' is an open embodiment of hope; hope that one day people will comprehend the challenge and complexity of overcoming an eating disorder and the feeling of futility that envelopes the sufferer and their loved ones. Above all it is the hope that through expression, individuals can be prevented from developing or continuing to live with negative body image and low self esteem that often fuels these life threatening illnesses.

Profits from the sale of art will go towards supporting the Butterfly Foundation, an organisation that helps families and individuals whose lives are adversely affected by eating disorders

Mirrors Art Exhibition will be open from 14-26 October at Mori Gallery, Darling Harbour. For further information click on the link and then 'Artwork Submissions':

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