Sunday, March 28, 2010

Private Mentor Program Launched to Help Achieve Recovery

As an author and speaker who is passionate about helping people recover from eating disorders, I have decided to make myself available to conduct private mentoring sessions for people in recovery.

The statistics are shocking and show that eating issues are extremely prevalent:
  • Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychological illness
  • 68% of 15 year old females are on a diet
  • Early onset eating disorder is being diagnosed in children as young as 5
I personally feel that more needs to be done to reduce the incidence of eating disorders, especially amongst teenagers – so I have designed a program that aims to compliment or enhance the work an individual is doing or has already done with a therapist, counselor or psychologist.

I will use my personal experience recovering from anorexia and rebuilding my life, and what I have learned over the past 10 years talking to people about what helped them recover, to mentor others through the process.

My program aims to:
  • Transform negative self-talk into strong positive ideals and beliefs
  • Show that who you will be without the eating disorder is so much more powerful than the eating disorder itself
  • Alleviate the fear of the unknown
  • Empower you, or someone you love, to let go of their current situation
  • Inspire the belief that yes, you can recover - and show you how
  • Help you tune into the voice that speaks from your heart
  • Demonstrate how believing in yourself can and will bring you everything your heart desires
  • Help you find the confidence to let the eating disorder go forever
  • Show you how to rebuild your life with absolute conviction and move forward to create a wonderful future
The prospect of abandoning your eating disorder can be terrifying – but having lost my teenage years to anorexia and turning my life around, I am passionate about mentoring others through the process.

My mentoring program will help individuals discover how to move forward with courage, confidence and conviction.

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